Keynote Speech Powerpoint

Keynote Speech I
Topic: The Values Economy: Financing Social Impact (coming soon)

Professor of Social Entrepreneurship
Said Business School, University of Oxford, UK
Keynote Speech II
Topic: The Emergence of Corporate Sustainability and Its Practical, Educational and Research Implications

Prof. Zabihollah REZAEE
Thompson-Hill Chair of Excellence
Professor of Accounting
The University of Memphis, USA
Plenary Session I
Topic: Strategy and Reporting of Sustainability: Bad Practices and Best Practices

Dr. KEE Chi Hing, JP
Chair, Fullness Social Enterprises Society, HK
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Business, HKBU
Keynote Speech III
Topic: From Shareholder Theory to Stakeholder Theory: New Mindsets and Practical Measures

Prof. Simon S. M. HO
President, Hang Seng Management College, HK
Plenary Session II
Topic: The New Horizon of Business as a Force for Good: Challenges for Higher Education and the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Dr. K. K. TSE
Founding Chair & Chief Education Officer
Education for Good CIC Ltd., HK
Honorary Professor, School of Business, HKBU