Parallel Paper Presentation Sessions 11 – 12

Session 11

Topic Area: Business Ethics, Accounting and Finance
(WLB 206, 2/F, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies)
Session ChairRobin Stanley SNELL, Lingnan University (HK)
Paper 11A Effects of Ethical Climate by Specialization in a Chinese Accounting Firm
William E. SHAFER, Lingnan University (HK), Margaret C. C. POON, City University of Hong Kong (HK) and Dean TJOSVOLD, Lingnan University (HK)
Paper 11B How Value can be Co-created through CSR: Evidence from Gaming Tourism Industry in Macao
Carlos NORONHA, University of Macau (Macau), Jenny Jieqi GUAN, Institute for Tourism Studies (Macau) and SIO Hou-In, University of Macau (Macau)
Paper 11C Virtuous Professionalism and Professional Sustainability
James MARCUM, Martin Jr. STUEBS and Charles STANLEY, Baylor University (USA)
Paper 11D Absence or Presence of Social and Environmental Disclosure: The Case of Multinational Gambling Companies
Tiffany Cheng-Han LEUNG, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University - College of Professional & Continuing Education (HK) and Robin Stanley SNELL, Lingnan University (HK)
Paper 11E Labor Unionization and Stock Price Crash Risk
Jamie Y. TONG, University of Western Australia (Australia), WANG Wenming, Hong Kong Baptist University (HK) and Frank Feida ZHANG, Murdoch University (Australia)

Session 12

Topic Area: Strategic Dimensions of Sustainability Management
(WLB 208, 2/F, The Wing Lung Bank Building for Business Studies)
Session ChairMichael SEGON, Central Queensland University (Australia)
Paper 12A Can Ethics Research be Trusted: How Qualitative Research in Ethics can Highlight the Unreliability of Statistically Valid Data Sets: The Case of Researching Ethical Decision Making in a Developing Country
Michael SEGON, Central Queensland University (Australia), Chris BOOTH, RMIT University (Australia) and Jeremy PEARCE, University of Lincoln (UK)
Paper 12B The Impact of Corporate Environmental Responsibility Strategy on Brand Sustainability: An Empirical Study Based on Chinese Listed Companies
LONG Chengzhi and LIN Jing, Guangdong University of Finance (China)
Paper 12C Timeless Ethics
John Martin HASSELBERG, Saint John's University (USA)
Paper 12D Entrepreneurs' Moral Awareness, Ethical Behavior and the Product Innovation of New Ventures
MAI Yiyuan, ZHANG Wenge, WANG Leying and LI Yi, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China)
Paper 12E Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility and Customer Relationship Management on Consumer Responses:
Investigation into the Role of Gratitude

Frederick Hong-Kit YIM, Hong Kong Baptist University (HK), KWAN Ho-Kwong, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (China), YIP Ting-Yin and TANG Ho-Yuk, Hong Kong Baptist University (HK)